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Personal Pillars supports personal evolution, health, well being and growth. The Personal Pillars structure is based on the four pillars of self:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Personal Pillars offers a structured taxonomy for discussing the many parts of self relative to self improvement and personal development.

In addition to the four pillars of well being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual there is a set of five basic traits that impact the four pillars. The pillars and BASICs are detailed below.

Personal Pillars is supported with many exercises. These are applied based on your specific areas of interest and levels of well being or evolution.

On Personal Evolution

The highest form of being human to pursue personal evolution. It is through the practice of perfecting who one is, that we can stand at deaths door with satisfaction of our journey on earth.
While each person has the ability to define for themselves what their metric of a successful life is, personal evolution ultimately is at the foundation of any metric. For those that agree that personal growth a high calling for life and that each is allowed thier own definition of what ‘evolution’ means. For some that will be closeness to god, for other it will mean something else.
But what ever that definition, the view back over our life, and the view forward into death is aided by the knowledge of having applied yourself to becoming the best human being one can be. The sincere belief that one puts forth the effort to hold the self respect and to feel full in a life lived complete.
Our personal evolution is what defines whether we look back at our life with satisfaction and look forward to what is beyond deaths curtain with comfort in being prepared the best we could for what is, or is not, on the other side.
Whether you believe there is a brick wall beyond deaths curtain or a new set of experiences, true satisfaction comes with knowing you have evolved in your chosen ways as much as humanly possible during the time you have been alive here on earth.

Physical Pillar

Your physical well being directly impacts your emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Proper maintenance is essential to a vibrant life experience. The physical body also has memory as shape, diet and activity. These memories or habits weave every past action into the potential of choices for your current actions.  Refining your attention to this weaving now, creates a future tapestry that will influence your actions and support your ideal self. This upgraded tapestry acts as in inspiration for your default motivations to be better aligned with your renewed intention. For an introduction into the Personal Pillar please go here or choose a specific physical pillar foundation below.

Physical Foundations

PHYSICAL: NOURISHMENT: (You are what you eat) – You act, feel and think better when you have proper nourishment.  This is not only food.  Nourishment includes water, food, and touch.

PHYSICAL: MOTION: (Movement enhances health) – Exercise and motion impact metabolism and cell growth and strength.

PHYSICAL: REST: (Sleep is essential to life) – Did you know that you die quicker from no sleep than from no water? There are many physiological and psychological benefits to sleeping.  In fact sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

PHYSICAL: BREATH: (Oxygen is essential to life) – Oxygen is critical to the many chemical exchanges and conversions that take place in metabolism.  The action of taking a breath helps in the physical motion of many systems in the body. Watching rhythms can give insight to emotional reactions to your current situation, deep breaths can release tension. Example exercise is Breath Circle.

Emotional Pillar

Emotional Foundations

EMOTIONAL: CONTENTMENT: Being conscious and informed of emotional sensitivities while allowing them to be witnessed like you might witness a child playing with a toy: detached and loving.

EMOTIONAL: SELF LOVE: Self Love is the loving of ones self.  Deliverance of love to self helps remove outside expectations.

EMOTIONAL: EMPATHY: Communication with others is matured by greater perspective and detachment of their emotional state.

EMOTIONAL: CLEARING:Past Experiences and Ego  need careful review as the tattoo’s left by these can color your decisions of today.

Mental Pillar

Mental Foundations

MENTAL: INTENTION: Properly formed and applied intention will focus your attention and shape your reality. Awareness of thought-origin and its conscious associations can clarify your perceptions and help remove unwanted biases impacting your ability to hold focus. The clarity and purity of your thoughts drive intention and the motivation that creates success.

MENTAL: OBJECTIVITY: Allows you to access a 360 view and gain perspective flexibility, increasing your range of understanding. A broader perspective increases the range of understanding.

MENTAL: INTEREST:Your feeling of curiosity or concern when understood can clarify your intention.

MENTAL: CLARITY: Clarity, consistently applied, makes efficient resolution.

Spiritual Pillar

Spiritual Foundations

SPIRITUAL: VISION: Spiritual Vision is higher minds guiding light that illuminates a pathway for the other pillars of self.  Spiritual vision can hold focus while gratuitous habits of the slower mental, emotional and physical perceptions distort the path.

SPIRITUAL: INTUITION: Intuition is aided by the art and act of listening.
Expand the quantity and quality of channels that offer insight.

SPIRITUAL: COLLECTIVE ENERGY:Discern, refine and cultivate the collective tribe that finds closest connection and influence. By example you will attract the highest light. Be true to yourself to attract your truest and highest guiding collective.

SPIRITUAL: CURRENT FLOW: The Current flow is derived from the the will and intent of self and others.  Of importance is the awareness of the will of self in comparison to the will of your environment, or the micro macro perspective.

Pillar BASICs

Personal Pillar Basics are elements that impact all aspects of each pillar.

  • B alance
  • A wareness
  • S ensitivity
  • I ntegrity
  • C learing


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